This was the first joint exhibition of authors brought together by the Croatian Association for Culture of Deaf and Hard of Hearing People " World of Silence," which was held from June 5-26, 2007. At the opening ceremony of the exhibition "Visual memory" at 7 PM in the Europe House in Zagreb, Borivoj Kubelka, Željko Hrsan, Lino Ujčić, Sanja Pavlović and Vanda Šagovac exhibited and Mr. Ivica Tomić from Zagreb photo theater alliance said that although there are differences among the authors in the knowledge of photographic skills and recording techniques, they give the hint that what connects them is related photographic aesthetics. Deprived for the world of sounds, sheltered with silence, these authors have offered us in their photographs silence itself. Motives of a sleeping cat on a clear afternoon, stone holder handle waiting for enfeebled hand, snail on a difficult and slow way, old stone houses, flowers and grass staring at the sky - these are all images of peace and tranquility. And the stream that murmurs is taken with a long shutter speed so it seems to be milky mist that hung in riverbed and completely choked the sound bubble.

We have also used the opportunity to present to the public website of the "World of Silence" and showed part of the interesting things we publish and presented author Mr. Davor Nikolić, while gathering and enjoying the exhibition our guests continued in a warm atmosphere surrounded by people, pictures, visual memory, and the banquet which was prepared for this event. We hope you enjoyed our exhibition!



At the invitation of the Association of the Deaf artist from Milan (Famiglia Artistica Silenzioso) to participate at the 19th International Painting Competition which is designed exclusively for deaf painters, Association "World of Silence" has applied for the first time four deaf artists from Croatia to a foreign competition - Josip Vukojević, Koča Popović, Mirjana Nikolić Sorko and Kristina Popović.

19th International Painting Competition (19.CONSORSO INERNAZIONALE di PITTURA) on subject "Valcuvia in frame" (Valcuvia in Cornice) was held from June 15-17, 2007. in Italy, a place CUVIO, Provincia di Varese.

In the fierce competition of the 42 works of art by artists from Italy, France, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Polish, Hungary, Slovakia, Switzerland, Spain was scheduled five awards. Croatian artists have achieved great success, namely:
First place: won the painter Josip Vukojević, Slobodnica, Slavonski Brod (Image name "CUVIO in winter" technique: dry pastel)
Fourth place: won Sorko Mirjana Nikolić, prof. from Zagreb (title of work "CUVIO in Twilight"- raku pottery technique)
Kristina Popović won the medal as the youngest deaf participant of this competition, she is a student of second grade at School of Applied Arts,
(Title: "CUVIO in dreams" technique: watercolor)
Croatia has a high-quality artists starting from Slava Raškaj, Hinko Gudac until today (painters, potters, textile designers, photographic artist) but they did not had the opportunity to go beyond the borders of their country.

This success could be broken down to the success of the president Vanda Šagovac (tourist manager) as the organizer and the success of artists who have received awards. But most important is the success of teamwork of good people willing to cooperate.

Participation of Croatian artists in this International painting competition was realized with the support of Ministry of Culture and Toyota Motor Europe, Zagreb.



Upon completion of our exhibition "Invisible and Inaudible", the president Vanda Šagovac have received and accepted an invitation to the reception on the interviews at Mrs. Tatjana Holjevac, president of the Zagreb City Assembly. The conversation proceeded in a good and friendly mood on October 30th, 2006 which was attended by the artist Eleonora Apostolova and sign language interpreter Renata Hrsan, and on this occasion we have handed gratitude to Mrs. Holjevac for the assignment of Kristofor Stanković Gallery on the occasion of our exhibition "Invisible and Inaudible", and the exhibition catalog. Receiving was accompanied by OTV television and article was published in Jutarnji list newspaper.



In Gallery Kristofor Stanković in Old City Hall in September 13 - 17, 2006 was held first Exhibition "Invisible and Inaudible" in organization of Association "World of Silence" on the occasion of International Day of Deaf People. It was realized under sponsorship of Ministry of Health and Social Care and on the same occasion catalogs were issued. During opening ceremony of the Exhibition speech was held by Zoran Ferić, renowed Croatian author and professor who have wrote foreword for our catalog, and we where honored with warm words by Damira Tolić, Deputy Minister of Culture and our most famous songwriter and musician Arsen Dedić. Well guest response we can thank to outstanding art works of our deaf artists: Koča Popović, Lino Ujčić, Ivan Lisičin, Ming Sheng Pi, Ante Radoš, Antun Margaretić, Eleonora Apostolova, Jakov Korda, Josip Vukojević, Nikola Vukojević, Mirjana Nikolić, Borivoj Kubelka, Iva Vrbos, Gordana Vuger-Jerković, whose biographies you can look at our website. Z1 and OTV television have made public reports of our exhibition as well as Zagreb News and Metropola newspaper.