Organized by the Croatian Association for Culture of Deaf and Hard of Hearing People "World of Silence" and the Croatian Deaf Sports Association an exhibition of sports photography of deaf athletes "Athletes in silence" by photographer Zeljko Hrsana was held from September 8 - 18, 2010 with the beginning at 7 pm in the gallery Christopher Stankovic in the Old City Hall.

In the foreword of the catalog which was written by Mr. Ivica Tomić (Zagreb photo cinema alliance) says:
" Some photos of Željko Hrsan were created almost thirty years ago, and some only a few months ago. Željko Hrsan lives with photography all the time. As to this, and future exhibitions, he will surprise us in its modesty and unobtrusiveness, and serious photographic handwriting that lists the time in which he lives. This exhibition presented a collection of sports photography. The photographs are not of those athletes that we see daily in the media, and that each of us could immediately recognize, but before you are pictures of people who are real human and heroes, but not so often in the media. Željko Hrsan in this exhibition photographs deaf people who through sport show that they are true sports heroes which can do faster, better, further and more. Sports photography is extremely difficult photographic discipline that requires a lot of knowledge and expensive photographic equipment. It takes a place that should not interfere athletes at all, capture the moment in which the athlete goes beyond their capabilities, the moment in which he becomes a world unto itself, with his whole being reduced to a decisive service, shot, goal, jump, jump of hurdles or last chess move that will lead to victory. With modest photographic equipment than those which most sports photographers use, Hrsan is shooting pictures which revive the most interesting details of the event at which deaf athletes, for the umpteenth time once again win in the eye of a visitor".

Croatian Association for Culture of Deaf and Hard of Hearing People 'World of Silence' won the award for cooperation in the culture of the Croatian and Italian deaf and hard of hearing artists from the National Association of the Deaf Italy - Milan county council, then the Association of Culture 'Silent artistic family' from Milan the Association for the deaf culture in Rome VenereArte - I.A.D.A., and the mayor of town Cuvio. Recognition is also given to the president of the association "World of Silence" Vanda Šagovac for the seriousness of work and effort of networking associations in the culture of the deaf between the two countries Italy and Croatia.

Date: 02.07.2009.

Croatian Association for Culture of Deaf and Hard of Hearing People "World of Silence" from Zagreb participated in aquarelle colony prepared by the Museum of Ozalj in honor of Slava Raškaj. The colony was held on Saturday, September 19 in the Old Town of Ozalj. Artists from Association "World of Silence" have for the first time participated in the Colony organized by the Museum Ozalj and upon invitation from Professor Branka Stergar and director Zdenka Stupić. Deaf painters have participated with different painting experiences and education: Iva Vrbos, Jasminka Glibotić, Josip Vukojević, Koča Popović, Lino Ujčić, Mingsheng Pi, Mirjana Nikolić, Nikola Vukojević and Pavle Bohaček.

"This art colony is an incentive to deaf painters to work more on their artistic education, but on confidence as well" - pointed out on that occasion president Vanda Šagovac of the Association "World of silence" and added:

"Firstly, we had beautiful weather, which has positively influenced on deaf artists. We came in Old Town Ozalj in 10 AM, where we where greeted besides sunny castle by very nice professor Branka Stergar and wished us welcome, afterwards we were greeted by the mayor of town Ozalj, Mrs. Biserka Vranić.
And after coffee and refreshments, artists have visited Old Town Ozalj and found a spot for painting. After one day exhibition, the paintings will remain in the fundus of Museum of Old Town Ozalj. We have also visited final resting place of Slava Raškaj and Pauline monastery." The art colony in the organization of the Association "World of Silence" was held in memory of an extraordinary deaf painter which aquarelle represent the highest level of Croatian watercolor painting of the end of 19th and beginning of 20th century.


Date: 19.09.2009.

1st International Exhibition of Deaf Artists "Power Paint in Silence," Zagreb, December 1 - 6, 2009

International Exhibition of Deaf Artists "Power Paint in Silence", opened the door of "Kristofor Stanković" Gallery in Zagreb from December 1 - 6, 2009, with the awards ceremony for the top three places in the artistic success. The exhibition was organized by the Croatian Association for Culture of Deaf and Hard of Hearing People "World of Silence". The idea for the organization of 1st International Exhibition of Deaf Artists in Croatia - Zagreb, was followed by four years of existence and successful work of the Association. One of the basic features of this exhibition is to show the art public, and other art lovers to deaf culture. Also, we want to further encourage this exhibition to communicate and interact with people who are hearing impaired and those who are not.

The opening was attended by many visitors and artists themselves - some of them have on the occasion of the event traveled from as far away places like Russia. On the occasion of the opening, festive prizes have been rewarded for the top three places in the artistic success, in which competed 30 candidates from all over Europe: Italy, Russia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, and of course - Croatia. First place went to Josip Vukojević from Croatia, with an abstract work that shows Ban Jelačić Square, but at the same time with an enviable tangibility play of light evokes the main square of our metropolis. The award was received by sponsorship of Zagreb Tourist Board.

Second place (although this was in fact the two first places and one second), won the Igor Soldatenkov from Russia, whose work was a sort of act of showing up bright cheerful colors, which gave the viewer impression "vitality" of the images. The award was received by American Express sponsorship, PBZ Zagreb. Last, but not the least was artist Dušan Nikolić from Serbia, who won the third place with his work of bulls in race - so fluid and detail painted, that on the first glance it almost appears as if they are on the move. Unfortunately for the award sponsored by the Croatian Chamber of Economy, he could not be present to take, so it will be subsequently delivered to him by the president of the association. Although sponsors have still generously rewarded these three master artists, it is noticeable that the City of Zagreb failed with possible support and media coverage of the event. We've already talked about the lack of cultural awareness in Croatia, but it is inappropriate to ignore any sphere of culture and art - no matter how much it might cause difficulty in communicating with its artists-rulers.
In the end, these skilled artists work hard and submit to their works with heartedness, just because it gives them the same recognition and equality that is receive to all the talented artists in Croatia. As prof. Stanko Špoljarić said, who attended the opening ceremony - a lack of use of all the senses, even in the painting creates a certain handicap that is reflected in the work, but immersion in the world of silence favors to full creative concentration, a kind of discipline in the creation of the work. Therefore, take a moment of your time, visit the gallery and allow yourself to be surprised by disciplines of these artists.



In a period of July 13 - 15, 2008 members of the Association "World of Silence" for the third time took part in the 20th International Competition of Deaf Artists "Valcuvia in cornice". Thanks to their work and the quality and enthusiasm of the president of the Association Vanda Šagovac they won many awards.
First place was won by artist Ming Sheng Pi, a member of the association from Zagreb, the second place was won by artist Nikola Vukojević, a member of the association from Slavonski Brod, fourth place was won by artist Josip Vukojević, a member of the association also from Slavonski Brod, and first place in the young competition won Kristina Popović, a member of association from Zageb.

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