2nd International Exhibition of Deaf Artists "Silence Embraced in the Adriatic Wave"

From September 24th to October 1st 2011, 2nd International Exhibition of Deaf Artists in Croatia was opened in the Old City Hall, and has been realized under the auspices of the Croatian President Ivo Josipović, and with financial support from the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Family, Veterans' Affairs and the Department of Culture of the City of Split.
The exhibition was opened by Professor of the Art Academy in Split, Mr. Mateo Perasović and exhibition setting signs painter from Split Mr. Vedran Perko.
The exhibition was attended by 29 deaf artists, 16 artists from Croatia and 13 artists from abroad (Italy, France, Spain, Romania, Russia and Bosnia and Herzegovina).

This exhibition presents works of artists: Nicole Asselineau, Aranaud Balard, Pavao Bahaček, Franko Borghetti, Primo Cajani, Caputo Ruggiero, Fikreta Čičak, Dušan Došenovac, Sanja Fališevac, Jasminka Glibotić, Maksim Golobotov, Vanja Jović, Jakov Korda, Giuesppina Lasaponara, Antun Margaretić, Dmitry Mirilenko, Natalija Mirilenko, Ming Sheng Pi, Koča Popović, Kristina Popović, Ilisie Remus Florian, Dmitry Shiryaev, Igor Soldatenkov, Mirjana Sorko Nikolić, Lino Ujčić, Iva Vrbos, Gordana Vuger, Josip Vukojević, Nikola Vukojević i Javier Guisado Chavi.

The exhibition was held in the gallery - Old City Hall, and at the opening of exhibition on September 24th 2011 at 8PM were present: Head of Department for Culture of city Split Ms. Maja Munivrana, who welcomed all present on behalf of the Mayor of Split and welcomed them in the beautiful city of Split, then deputy president of the World Federation of Deaf Mr. Nebojsa Vavra from Bosnia and Herzegovina, which have welcomed attendees, especially deaf artists on behalf of Colin Allen, then delegate of Romanian Ambassador for Culture, Deputy Chairman of the Association of Deaf and Hard of Hearing of city Dubrovnik-Neretva County - Dubrovnik, and most importantly, the opening was attended by a lot of deaf people and their friends as well as art lovers.

Each artist exhibited two or three works of art, which was a big art fundus to organize this exhibition. The importance of applied artists and arrival in Split of 29 artists gives us recognition for our work, said prof. Perasović during the opening ceremony.

With this exhibition, which is certainly an important event for art and the general public, these deaf artists where represented, who have also in this exhibition showed that they are a valuable part of our national culture, although they are too often forgotten.

Deafness is a big obstacle in life and everyday communication, but these artists have show that their artistic expression is an important incentive to break prejudices and also the basis for the communication of deaf people with their environment. This exhibition is important for the promotion of tourism in Split in a different way.

Association "Palm" presented themselves with the theatrical release of "Gulliver's Travels", and some of the actors are also members of the Association "World of Silence", which have in addition to artistic expression in an exhibition presented themselves in the play. At the opening we had a chance to watch a show of a special guest from Spain, Mr. Javier Guisado - deaf artist known as CHAVI.

The closing ceremony of exhibition was held on September 30th, 2011 in the Croatian National Theatre at 7PM with a special program and the awards ceremony, according to decision of the three-member panel consisting of:
- Toni Horvatić, art historian and curator, Split
- Sagita Mirjam Sunara, assistant professor at the Art Academy in Split, Commissioner for work with students with special needs
- Vedran Perko, academic painter, Split.

The first prize, sponsored by the Mayor of Split won Dmitry Mirilenko from Russia for "Heaven arc." Second prize, sponsored by the Mayor of town Hvar has won Caputo Ruggiero from Italy for the "Flying house". The third prize, sponsored by the association "World of Silence" won Mingsheng Pi from Croatia for "Cypress."

On painting competition called Valcuvia in Cornice deaf artists from Croatia have been participating for five years and have won many awards and recognitions thanks to their work and the quality and enthusiasm of the president of the association Vanda Šagovac. Participation in the competition was possible thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture.

Organized by the Croatian Association for Culture of Deaf and Hard of Hearing People "World of Silence", deaf artists have participated in the 23rd International Competition of deaf artists in CUVIO - municipality Varese, Italy from June 19 - 21, 2011.

In year 2009 the association "World of Silence" has won the gold medal in Italy for its work on networking of the organizations in culture between Croatia and Italy. This year, the Croatian Deaf artists have imposed quality and recognizability thus of seven possible awards they won five awards and two recognitions and have not left a lot for other artists.

The first prize took Ming-Sheng Pi, a member of the association from Zagreb, second prize took Nikola Vukojević from Slavonski Brod, third one by Pavle Bohaček from Zagreb, fourth by Jasminka Glibotić from Zagreb, and fifth by Josip Vukojević from Slavonski Brod, and recognition was received by Gordana Vuger from Zagreb.

In the competition of young deaf painter first prize was awarded to Kristina Popović from Zagreb. The association "World of Silence" was awarded with the Gold plaque from organizers - Milan Association of the Deaf Artists.

This competition has shown that there is a great need of deaf artists for this type of gathering, because it is an opportunity to upgrade the knowledge, experience exchange with foreign artists and the establishment of mutual cooperation. It is an opportunity and a place where success and work is rewarded.

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September 24 - October 1 2011


2nd international exhibition

of deaf artists titled

“Silence in the embrace of Adriatic wave”








































19 - 21 June 2011


25th international competition

of deaf artists in

Cuvio, Italy