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Croatian Association for the Culture of Deaf and Hard of Hearing People "World of Silence" was founded in April 2006 by Vanda Šagovac who is also president of the Association, with the aim of promoting the culture of hearing impaired persons in Croatia. Associaion also wishes to draw public attention to the necessity of integrating persons with impaired hearing in all segments of society and contribute to efforts to improve the lives of deaf people.

There is a great need for artistic expressions of people who do not have the ability to hear the sounds of nature, or the noise of the city, but all that mellifluence they can hint with color and artistic spark enthusiasm, transforming motives and tailoring it to their sensibilities and so they are transcending the silence. Expressing some of the aspects of art and seeing the world without the sense of hearing, communicating only with the eyes (and of course the heart) for the painter is a big handicap.

The hearing impaired persons, which due to reduced abilities in speech cannot convey, to hearing community, the achievements of their artistic work without the Association, which through its activities (respecting objective possibilities in social communication) wants to present and promote the culture of hearing impaired persons in Croatia through their programs, both at home and abroad.

Through our work we want to remove the social barriers faced by deaf people, by organizing various activities to try to motivate our members for artistic expression, and with the organization of various events and exhibitions we want to educate and sensitize the public about our needs, and more, because behind the concept of culture of hearing impaired persons is not only art, but everything that makes it the culture and customs of a nation.

We are not lacking in ideas and plans, and we make visions into reality!

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Association „World of Silence“

Remetinečka cesta 77

HR-10020 Zagreb



FAX: +385 1 6678 562


President of the Association:

Vanda Šagovac

+385 91 2006 550 (SMS only)

OIB: 34911353826

MB: 2067455


Dear friends, if you are interested

in some extra information, or if you

have any questions, we would be glad

if you contacted us via e-mail:




This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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EU - Europena parliament


WFD - World deaf federation


EUD - European union of the Deaf


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hard of hearing people


EFHOH - European federation of

hard of hearing people


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hard of hearing of the city of Zagreb


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and splitsko-dalmatinska county


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