The Association "World of Silence" got a office space

After seven and a half years of existence and the diligent work, the association "World of Silence" in late October 2013 finally got her first office space and now runs and operates at the new address Remetinečka cesta nr. 77, 10020 Zagreb.








This year has been held jubilean 25th International Competition of Deaf Artists in Cuvio, municipality Varese, Italy called "Valcuvia in Cornice". As every year, the artists - members of the "World of Silence" took part in this competition from June 14th - 16th. In the fierce competition, our artists have won awards, Mingsheng Pi has won 5th place, Jasminka Glibotić has won 6th place and Pavle Bohaček has won 1 place in a competition for young people.

The total order of competition winners:
1st place - artist Zsolt Laki, Hungary
2nd place - artist Jamshid Sarhadi, Iran
3rd place - artist Vera Bergamaschi, Italy
4th place - artist Artur Kostylev, Russia
5th place - artist Mingsheng Pi, Croatia
6th place - artist Jasminka Glibotić, Croatia

Among young people under 30 years:
1st place - artist Pavle Bohaček, Croatia

In the period from 20 - 28th May this year, organized by the Association for Culture of impaired Croatian "World of Silence" and Deaf Travel Croatia led by the president of the organization Vanda Šagovac, Croatia hosted a deaf American journalist Mr. Joel Barish and the team of his show "No Barriers". The visit from Mr. Barish in Croatia was realized with the financial support of the Croatian National Tourist Board, the Zagreb Tourist Board, while the other sponsors were the Tourist Board of Dubrovnik, Pula and Karlovac Tourist Board, Krapina-Zagorje County, private renters association "Hvare moj" and the City of Zagreb .

Mr. Joel Barish, with the help of his brother Jed, founded DeafNation Inc. in 2003, an international leader in video content, news, social networks, and special events that bring together a community of persons with hearing disabilities, and organize DeafNation Expo annually. Mr. Barish is deaf journalist and daring host of "No Barriers" which follows the standard of life of deaf people around the world and also the media covering the country that he visits, during which time he promotes the country. Therefore, when he visited Croatia, he expressed the desire to see authentic Croatian tourist offer as well as its authentic gastronomy. During the eight day stay that began and ended in Zagreb our guests had the opportunity, in a unique way, to visit the old center of Zagreb on Segway Tour and visit Croatin store where they were told the story about the invention of the first tie here in Croatia. They also visited the shrine Marija Bistrica, and actively participated in the preparation of traditional Croatian souvenirs - gingerbread heart. Mayor Milan Bandić called for a gathering with coffee for our guests and provided full support to our project. Not even the rain could prevent the rise on Dubrovnik city walls and enjoyment of the beautiful view that it offers, as well as a visit to Clara Stones jewelry store where Mr. Barish saw one of the most beautiful pieces of red coral jewelry, native to the area of ​​Dubrovnik and the sea bed. He himself polished the precious coral taking into account data on the time it takes to grow, its characteristics and conditions of harvesting from the seabed. Unfortunately due to the rain we couldn't actively participate in removing oysters in Ston, but we visited the town's salt pans, the oldest in Europe, and enjoyed seafood specialties offered by Villa Koruna. Split delighted them with beef stew, Hvar with broth and hospitality of the people and products from domestic industries, Hvar lavender and lavender oil, soaps made from olive and lavender oil, goat cheese in olive oil and homemade bread, cheese, fruit and walnut juice and mint. In Buzet, with the family Karlić, we  enjoyed delicacies with truffles, which are in the United States considered food for the rich considering that the U.S. can consume just one week of the year and then it's only those with deeper pockets who can afford them. In rainy and slippery oak forest dog Crnko showed to "No Barriers" show how he found even two truffles, and Pula Arena met us at dusk illuminated by beautiful sunshine. Fužine can boast with the only cave adapted for people with disabilities in Europe, Cave Vrelo, and restaurant Bitoraj with excellent offer venison, hospitality and also preparedness to people with disabilities. Karlovac fair estate in Dubovac became the backdrop for our journalists, who disguised himself as ruling class and clashed with his photographer with props of antique weapons, and then became a humble farmer and built pottery. Krapina provided them with the insight into the very origin of man in the Neanderthal Museum and Breg Vuglec Zagorje gastronomic offer, while the rain hindered the quest to reveal the secrets of beauty bikes Krapinske hinterland.

To some, perhaps, may seem superfluous to list all places, the food and the experience our guests have experienced, however, our guests had rain for all 8 day visit, and it was of great importance the use and to offer the best Croata has to offer. It is certainly safe to say one thing, that our guests did not expect anything from what they've have seen and we can expect the second visit of Mr. Barish and his team, because eight days was too short to see the full beauty that the Croatian cities and islands have, all flavors that hides kitchen of our grandmothers, agriculture that provides the best products, activities and adventures that provide our sea, mountains and forests.





 14 - 16 June 2013

25th international competition

of deaf artists in

Cuvio, Italy



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20 - 28 May 2013

"No Barriers"


Joel Barish