Beautiful, deaf (hard of hearing) and eager to study - 13 girls (including twins) will adorn the calendar for year 2013 creation of which is now underway, with the aim of selling and collecting money for a charity campaign called "I want to know too."

At various locations in the city of Zagreb, in dresses of famous Croatian designers and in front of the lens of Tomislav Može you would never say that these girls are not professional models. But their lives are not catwalks and lights, but the problems about which people with normal hearing never think about.

The most important part of the charity is to raise money for typists at colleges, because without them a deaf (hard of hearing) person can not study. Last year, two students sat in the pews, precisely because of typists who have finally started to act somewhat at colleges. However, they participate in just a few courses, not in all, because we can not pay them enough. This year, seven students enrolled in college, but it's still not enough, because there are several interested parties, but do not have a chance - said Vanja Jović, academic painter-printmaker and president of the Croatian Association for Creative Development and Protection of the Rights of Deaf (Hard of Hearing) Videatur. - "Well, it is most important that girls are delighted and excited, but also nervous, because they are not sure whether their communication with the photographer will succeed. This is a nice opportunity for them to show themselves a little bit and wear dresses designed by Matija Vuica, Envy Room, I-gle, Boudoir, Hippy Garden, etc. Whatever came out from this action, we know that we have given the best, which is really important" - says painter who will give final signature on the calendar, because she has edited it, and added that, unfortunately, they can count only on their own strength.

- "Unfortunately, the government has no interest in us, so we do not count on their money. Therefore we will try with the calendar. We still edit it so we're not sure exactly how much it will cost, but probably between 50 and 100 kuna. Photos from the calendar will at the end of year be exhibited in galleries throughout the Croatia, and if all else fails and we do not collect enough money, then we will organize a concert, and hope for the best - concluded Vanja.

Source: 21stoljeć

Prototype of video device reads the sign language of the deaf, translates it into audible speech, and also works vice versa.

Scientists and students from the University of Houston have learned that communication between deaf people and those who hear and speak often is a large barrier in mutual understanding.

Therefore, they have produced a prototype device called MyVoice Translator that has the camera to capture gestures of sign language used by deaf people, and then the installed software using their algorithm translates and reproduces them in speech (voice) language.

On the device in addition to cameras are small screen, microphone and speaker, and is able to function in the reverse order, ie to recognize phrases and words from the speech and then put them on display onscreen in form of the sign, so that deaf people could find out what their source said.

In the current phase computer algorithms can translate simple phrases and individual words, but the project manager Sergio Aleman believes that very soon they would be able to produce a highly functional product which could be found in the market.

A device prototype has recently won first prize at the American Society of Engineering Education Conference.

The device works solely on English language and American sign language of the deaf, and the database holds between 200 and 300 images with whose help it creates characters that make the language of the deaf.

Source: VIDI Portal

There's no shortage of bizarre creations that prevent you from oversleeping, but a Meng Fendi concept could actually help you (and your partner) wake up on the right side of the bed for a change. The simply-titled "Ring" sports an alarm clock dock with two times and a pair of wearable hoops, which enables you to wake up at a different time than your third-shift-workin' SO. Moreover, the elastic vibrating rings are donned at night, and simply provide a constant buzz to get your attention rather than wrecking your rest with a piercing array of beeps.

Source: Engadget portal

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